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Ticonderoga Emergency Squad, Inc.

Emergency Medical Service

Ticonderoga Emergency Squad is committed to providing professional emergency rescue services to the citizens of Ticonderoga. The organization is made up of committed individuals who want to help in the community. We also work toward improving medical safety awareness, community programs and more.

Our Mission:
​We aim to maintain a professional healthcare team that provides the highest quality of patient care for the communities of Ticonderoga, Crown Point, Putnam and neighboring districts with integrity, respect, and pride.

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How to become a member:

               The Ticonderoga Emergency Squad is always in need of more members, but are you not sure if emergency medical services is for you? Not to worry, contact us or ask a member about doing a ride along where you can experience and get a taste of what we do and what you would be expected of if joined. If you enjoy it, then fill out an application and become the next driver, attendant, EMT, or support member.
               In order to become to be a member, simply fill out an application. One can be found below, or you can contact the squad through our 'Contact' page of our site, or even stop by our station and ask a member for an application. Our doors are open to the public anytime that members are at the station. After receiving your application, it will be voted on at a monthly membership meeting, and you will be contacted to set up an interview. After a favorable interview, there is a brief orientation that all new members must complete where they are assigned a mentor to take calls with and once completed, the new member can respond to calls on their own. Once this step is completed, a new member will be under a 6 month probationary period where the membership will monitor the progress of the new member. At the end of this probation, the membership will either vote to keep the new member apart of the agency or decide that it isn't a good fit. As long as one enjoys themselves while participating in agency functions, events, and calls, as well as, meeting the minimal requirements of being a member, then they will see nothing but success in our agency.
               Interested yet? You should be. Below are the different types of memberships a person can apply for. Review each one and see which one you could best see yourself doing if applying to our agency.

Regular Member:

  • A member of the agency who responds and takes calls as well as assisting with agency functions and events. A regular member must be in good health, provide annual physicals and be at least 18 years of age.

  • Starting out as an attendant, and sometimes a driver depending on qualification, to the EMT in charge, regular member will assist the EMT on 911 calls with patient care and operating the ambulance. Once a regular member has been in the agency long enough and is in good standing, they can advance their knowledge and skills to becoming an EMT themselves whether that be an EMT-Basic or an advance EMT whether it be an AEMT or an AEMT-Paramedic. Then the member can respond to calls and be the medical provider to patients.

***We also want to advise that most trainings and courses will be paid by the agency. For example, if a member wants to become an EMT or advanced EMT, the agency will pay the cost to obtain this certification as long as the member is in good standing and does their minimal requirements. We feel that our volunteers do so much that we can pay for their education and certifications. Imagine it, making a career out of becoming an EMT or paramedic and not having any loans or expenses to pay for the education? Not many professions will pay for your education and certifications, but in EMS and especially here at Ticonderoga Emergency Squad INC. we believe education should be little to no cost so let us pay for that education and don't let the fear of expenses stop you from becoming a medical provider today.***
Junior Members: 

  • Junior members hold the same responsibility of an attendant and can respond to calls and assist in all other aspects of the organization under certain restrictions and guidelines. This membership is to intrigue high school students (16 and older) to joining the ranks of EMS and possibly helping them determine their career path of medicine.

***Junior members can partake in education trainings and courses just like regular members, but they cannot become certified EMTs until they become 18 years of age as per NYS law. However, they may become NYS certified first responders (CFRs) which will allow them to become BLS/CPR/AED certified through the American Heart Association at no cost to them. Just as long as they are in good standing in the agency and complete their minimal requirements.***
Support Member: 
These members are responsible for assisting in the non-EMS operations of the organization. Support members are expected to attend meetings, and assist in fundraisers, and attend events. Support members can also take on financial officer positions if desired.
Honorary Member:
The requirement for this membership status is that the person must have been a regular member of the organization for a minimum of 5 years and have outstanding service and dedication. These members are allowed to respond to calls at the discretion of the Captain, and can also assist in all other aspects of the organization with no minimal requirements that a regular member must uphold.

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