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News in the past

Ticonderoga EMS in the past


A drawing of our new building that we moved into in 2012.

January 12, 2025

Some of the membership posing in front of of our new ambulance, 4491, on its delivery day in June of 2015.

January 12, 2025

Members posing with the old twins, 4491 & 4492.

January 12, 2025

Ti EMS History: News & Updates

News in the past

Ticonderoga EMS in the past


Ticonderoga Emergency Squad ambulances should be rolling from their new headquarters by the end of the year.

The squad is currently constructing a 4,100-square-foot building on the site of the old Ticonderoga Civic Center that will include two ambulance bays, offices, crew quarters, a meeting room and other amenities.

The new building at Champlain Avenue and The Portage will replace a smaller hut on Depot Street that the squad plans to sell once the new HQ is operational, Vice President Sue Johnson said.

"We are extremely happy with the work of the general contractor, Don Paige, and his crews. He's awesome. He's been an asset. We're very pleased with his work."

She said they hope to move in this December, "hopefully before snow flies."


Paige, who owns D.L. Paige Building and Excavation of Ticonderoga, said he appreciates the confidence the squad has in his work.

"They asked for a Christmas present. We're trying to do it."

Johnson said the exterior still needs to be finished and Sheetrocking and the kitchen completed, but much of the other work is done.

The architect for the structure was Steve Jung of Schroon Lake.

The $900,000 building is being paid for by contributions and a $600,000 loan from Glens Falls National Bank. The groundbreaking was held June 26.

Johnson said they raised $20,000 alone from a letter campaign asking for help.

"People are under the impression we're funded by taxpayers. We receive no money from the Town of Ticonderoga. Not a penny.

"No taxpayer dollars assist us."

She said much of the organization's income comes from patients' health insurance.

"We soft bill. If your insurance only covers 50 percent, we eat the other 50 percent. We're there to serve the public.

"We're all volunteer. We have no paid staff."


The squad provides advanced life support with critical-care technicians but has no paramedics, she said.

A new emergency medical technician class starts in October, offering training two nights a week and some Saturdays.

"It's a lot a time and a lot of dedication," Johnson said. "Volunteerism is a huge issue right now. People are struggling to put food on the table. It takes 120 hours of training just to take the state test."

She said three squad members just completed the state EMT test.

"We're waiting for the results."

Anyone who wants to join should go to the squad's website at, she said, and download and fill out an application.

"Print out an application if they're interested. It's not a (24 hour) manned station so they may not get someone if they call."

The squad is busy right now on standby at local football games, sports tournaments and the Adirondack Marathon in Schroon, she said.


Getting the new headquarters is only part of the equation, Johnson said.

"Once it's up, we need furniture. We've been in contact to get donations of furniture."

They've also applied for an International Paper Foundation grant, she said. The group tried to win government grants to assist with the new base but was unsuccessful.

The squad has been in its current location since 1963 and has outgrown it, Johnson said.

The fundraising campaign for a new facility started in 2009, when the town sold the squad the land for $1, while stipulating it had to raise the money in two years and complete construction two years after that or the property would revert back to the town.

Johnson praised squad President Dennis Johnson, her husband, along with Capt. Rick Morse, for the long hours they put in to get the new building started.

"He (Mr. Johnson) is the lead on the building, and has put countless hours into making this project a reality."

Once the building is in use, an open house will be scheduled to show the community the new facility, she said.

January 12, 2025

Ti EMS History: News & Updates
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